UtiliCon Solutions: Performance Driven Services for Utility T&D Infrastructure

UtiliCon Vehn Diagram

About UtiliCon Solutions

UtiliCon Solutions was formed from Asplundh to provide a complementary portfolio of services for the utility industry. UtiliCon offers a streamlined way to access a broad range of utility infrastructure transmission and distribution services.

We are performance driven to provide safe, reliable services at a cost-effective price. The Asplundh heritage of providing customer-focused service within a low-cost structure and best-in-class safety is what distinguishes UtiliCon from the competition.

Why Choose UtiliCon?

  • Experienced Leadership

  • Operational Excellence

  • First Quartile For Safety Performance

  • Customer Focus

  • Local Presence

  • National Resources

  • Long-term Approach

  • Performance & Productivity Management & Reporting

  • Economies Of Scope & Scale

  • Financial Strength For T&D Program Needs