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American Lighting and Signalization

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  • Roadway Lighting Construction
    and Maintenance

  • Luminaire Conversions – HID/LED/
    Energy Efficient

  • Fault Locating / Repair of Underground and Aerial Services

  • Street Light Pole Painting, Inspection and Voltage Testing

  • Storm Restoration

  • System Identification and Mapping

  • High Mast, Bridge, Under-Deck, and
    Shoulder Lighting

  • Upgrade/Retrofit/Pole Replacement Projects

  • Airport and Navigational

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  • Design-Build Projects

  • Traffic Signal Construction and Maintenance

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

  • Arterial Dynamic Message Signs (ADMS)

  • Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS)

  • Fiber Optic and Wireless Communication Systems

  • Overhead Sign Structures, Ground Mount Signs
    and Guardrail

  • Pedestrian Walkways and ADA Ramps

American Lighting and Signalization

Founded in 1985, American Lighting and Signalization (ALS) specializes in roadway lighting and traffic signalization. We serve departments of transportation (DOTs), investor-owned and municipal utilities, commercial land developers and commercial road contractors. Headquartered in Florida, ALS operates in 14 states along the East Coast, Midwest and Texas.

We maintain a staff of licensed electricians, professional engineers and qualified technicians per International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) standards, giving you confidence that all of our projects are carried out in full compliance with federal, state and municipal regulations and codes. This includes the National Electrical Safety Code (NFPA 70: NEC) and the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Safety and Efficiency

By fostering a culture of safety, ALS’ management and staff are fully committed to the highest safety standards in all aspects of our business. Our efficient and productive crews operate in a manner that protects the safety and health of employees, contractors, customers and the general public. We call it SafeProduction® and it is at the forefront of our rigorous safety policies and procedures.